Infrastructure & resources

Handbook, Infrastructure and resources

How do you communicate with members and people outside the network? What assets do you have? What do you need to keep the network going (funding, roles, time)?


Roles of people in networks


Why are roles useful? How do roles and functions relate to innovation?


Making the most of roles


How can you ensure roles promote power distribution? What’s important when roles are passed on?


Skills audit


A checklist for the skills and roles you might need in a network


Knowledge management in networks


What do we mean by knowledge management? What are the underlying conditions for knowledge sharing to work?


Managing Communications


An overview of different communication tools and what they’re for.


Supporters Direct on moving a network online


James Mathie from Supporters Direct talks to us about why they created an online space for their network members and what they learnt about trust, collaboration and engaging advocates for change.

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