Governance & Power, Handbook

What is the structure of your network? How is it managed? How are decisions made and who does what?

How does power shift? Networks and hierarchies: a power struggle? What is a network leader?

Questions to think about power, who has it, who doesn’t and what impact is this having?

Is non-hierarchy always a good idea? How do we make decisions in networks?

Peter Lefort from Eden Project Communities talks to us about collective decision-making, why it’s relevant to networks and the processes and techniques that can empower people.

Seeds for Change offers excellent resources for consensus decision making and also covers group work, running workshops, campaigning and more.

Georgina WiIson attended our Networks & Coffee event. She explains how practising collaborative leadership can help people build supportive peer networks.

For those of us who are part of, or support, networks, this article poses an interesting question. Should we work to re-establish a deference to experts, in order to learn from what has gone before, or should we abandon the term and embrace the opportunity to write our own answers?