xe88 Download the interview task – Unlocking Networks

Download the interview task

Download, use and adapt this interview task to help you discuss and reflect on your network with someone else. You could also use it to compare different networks!

Interview task instructions

These instructions work best in pairs but could be used with small groups.

Download the interview task instructions.


The networking building cards come in six coloured sections. Each highlights a key element that is central to a successful network. Each section contains a number of useful questions to help you think about your network and how you might build or develop it. Print them and cut them up along the scissor lines.


The Network Building Canvas allows you to visualize from a high-level perspective, all the key elements that make your network function.


Depending on how much you note down during the interview, you might need extra blank question and action cards to write on. Print them and cut them up along the scissor lines.